6 Modules
EBBs - Employabililty Building Blocks

Matching to the industrial technicality, creatively designed by senior IT professionals of more than 20 years exp.
5th Year program will deliver following 6 modules at your campus during 2nd and 3rd years.
4 hours class per week followed by assignment for the week.
These modules will cover entire spectrum of employability requirements like technical (both basic & advance), mini projects, certifications, aptitude / analytical, communication & presentation, Business, customer, process and finally interview success.
Year Category Module Objective / Agenda
2nd Technical Beyond Programming - World of Engineering Can your program / application survive the global product standards (functional & non-functional specs)?? Walkthrough the wonders of life changing global products and the role of open source tools.
2nd Programming Language Ready for Product Development Are you a Programmer or Engineer?? Gain expertise to be qualified for new product development and get exposure to engineering best practices.  
2nd Human Excellence You are a Champion - Rock your first Interview Realise and transform your potential to the highest possible success, continue to win and retain the top. Get tips from industry experts who interviewed 100s of students at engineering campuses.
2nd Aptitude Life is Continous Analysis Critical thinking to understand customer problems / requirements and deliver optimised solutions. Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Resonating, Logical Reasoning, Interview Puzzles.
3rd Project Customer Success Hands-on the dynamics of realtime projects by undergoing simulation of corporate roles even before stepping in.
Experience the challenges of delivering a project with with optimized time & cost and enhanced quality & satisfaction (CTQS).

(Simulation of Project Roles like Customer, Product Manager, Program Manager, Developers, Testers, etc.)
3rd Certification & Adv Tecch Let Certificates Speak for You Gain credibility to enhance the probability of getting short-listed in the selection process.

(Two Technical Certifications. OCJP, etc. One  of the adv techs  like AI, ML, Big Data, Cloud, etc.)