Job Readiness Index

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S.No. Enabler Significance Impact Target Actual JRI - This Pointers
1 Marks (Effort)

Marks echo your willingness to work hard. Efforts only can turn an idea (or raw material) into a product.
Q. % of marks (cumulative) till date?

15% 80 0% --
2 Certifications (Concepts & Design)

Certificates indicate overall understanding and depth of a particular competency.  Certificates elevate chances of getting interview calls. If students can spare little time, they can achieve couple of certifications in parallel to academics.

Q. No. of external  technical certifications you achieved?

10% 2 0% --
3 Non-functional (Productization)

No product can be called complete without meeting non-functional requirements like Performance, Security, Accessibility, Supportability, etc. At industry, non-functional areas become one of the Exit Criterias to release product to market.
Q. No. of Non-functional areas you are familiar with?

5% 2 0% --
4 Tools (Smart Work)

To increase productivity and to control quality and cost, industry mandates appropriate tools and ‘Tool Usage Index’ is one common metric. At industry, students take considerable time to adopt tools in the project environment. Open-source tools can be explored from first year itself to master few tools.
Q. No. of tools you are familiar with?

5% 4 0% --
5 Teaching Hours (Subject Matter Expertise)

At student phase, knowledge may be in dots. Teaching will raise the understanding on ‘Why” portion and End-to-end knowledge of a given topic.
Q. No. of hours you taught your juniors or classmates?

5% 20 0% --
6 Magazine Hours (Domains & Technologies; Solutions)

An important goal of education is to gain the expertise of solutioning. Reading weekly/monthly magazines in the given domain/technology will help to understand on how subject is put into solutions.
Q. No. of hours spent on reading Domain/Technology Magazines (or watching D/T videos). (Weekly 1 hour -Target; 104 hours in 2nd & 3rd years).

5% 104 0% --
7 Guided Path (Better Return on Investment)

Guide plays critical role in: Creating awareness on global opportunities. Challenging the potential; Effective planning, monitoring and reporting; Minimizing Rik of Failure; Nurturing strengths and areas of improvement; Overall better return of investment for the Time, Effort and Money spent by student.
Q. No. of months, your guide reviewed your Monthly Status Report?

7.5% 24 0% --
8 Mini Projects, Proof of Concepts (CTQ & S)

Opportunity to learn: Plan overall project covering CTQ (Cost, Time, Quality), design modules, implement, quality control, effective reporting, teamwork, metrics/KPIs, customer satisfaction.
Q. Number of Mini Projects or Proof of Concepts developed?

5% 4 0% --
9 Presentations in Tech Events (Student to Professional)

This is the third level of maturing the competency. Learning academics, teaching, and then presenting in technical events. Facing the audience beyond the homogeneous environment and questions will help raise the thought process, competency and boosts the confidence.
Q. Number of presentations given in Technical Events?

5% 2 0% --
10 Internship (More with Less; Customer Success)

Industry is the place of integrating the potential and resources to offer effective solutions to problems (or requirements) of customer. More output with less time, less cost, better quality, and better usability will be demands at industry.
Q. No. of internships you have done at industry?

7.5% 2 0% --
11 Analytical (Solve Self)

Ability to analyse situation / environment, identify root cause, explore options, identify optimum solution. Hiring manager’s favourite is, problem solving skill.
Q. No. of Analytical model papers you solved with score greater than 75%?

5% 10 0% --
12 Expressiveness (Final Goal Post)

An ultimate differentiator (and sufficiency condition) for winning.
Q. Number of hours you practiced LRWS? (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). (Technical Reports writing, etc.)

5% 40 0% --
13 Workshops, Seminars (Wisdom)

Exposure to world of wisdom, best practices, and how great minds (and experience) think & apply. More connects help more learning in future.
Q. No. of workshops/seminars you attended?

2.5% 4 0% --
14 Extra Curricular Activities (Empathy)

Indication of: Your Empathy; Gratitude to Society; Ability to work in teams and lead team(s); 1. Association or membership with Academic/professional orgs; 2. Volunteer & service activities; 3. Program Management of events; 4. Cross Culture/Heterogeneous events (beyond campus); 5. Arts & Sports;
Q. No. of categories from the above list, you worked with?

5% 5 0% --
15 Self & Mock Interviews (Avoid Transmission Loss)

No regrets for missing to answer known things in the interview. SMIs help to reduce anxiety nervousness in the interview. “Script Readiness": Be ready (and practice) at least 25 questions you expect in the interview and prepare at least 5 sentences answer for each question.
Q. No. of mock interviews you practiced which scored minimum 8/10?

7.5% 10 0% --
16 Innovation (Ideas; Impactful Value Addition to world)

World has reached to the current comfort by passion, hard work and sacrifice for generations. You want to be a Consumer or Contributor?
Concept Note: Problem Statement, Impact, Various Solutions, Solution Suggested, Effort & Timelines, Budget, Risks, Output & Outcomes.
Q. No. of Concept Notes you submitted or Proof Concepts you demonstrated from your own ideas?

5% 1 0% --