5th Year - Campus to Company

Our Passion:

With more than two decades of experience in Information Technology and leadership roles, it is our observation that, to transform India in technical excellence, the need of the hour is to improve employability of engineering students. It is with this objective, we- a group of like minded and passionate individuals, are stepping in to apply our experience to improve the situation.

Employability Statistics:

As per many surveys and statistics, employability of engineering students is floating between 20% to 30%. This trend is impacting multiple sections like, parents, students, industry and nation.

Team with experience in IT:

With experience of interviewing hundreds of students at campus and experience of association with fresh graduates in their first jobs, we did comprehensive root cause analysis and identified areas to address the same. We also held discussions with faculty and students to design the full proof solution.


To enable students to realize their potential and transform it towards employability within 4 years, we named our organization to be "5th Year". We believe, this name will help them to register a thought in their minds of a positive outlook for the 5th year once they graduate from the college.

Job Readiness Index:

A unique offering from 5th Year is Job Readiness Index. A simple framework with 12 parameters, to enable students to self assess the employability level.These 12 parameters with varied weightage covers spectrum of requirements toward fair chances of employability. At the web site of 5th Year, any student can enter actual value against the target value for each parameter and check the JRI. This helps to students to where to focus to improve employability.

End-to-end requirements of Industry:

Our program will offer engineering students end-to-end and real time understanding in the streams like Technical, Process, Analytical, Personal and Customer, etc.

8 modules in 8 quarters of 2nd and 3rd years:

We designed a program of industry orientation with 8 modules to be run in 2nd year and 3rd years, so that students can successfully face the first interview in their 4th year of college education.

Cost-effective model:

This is cost-effective model with pleasant journey in 2nd and 3rd years. After B.Tech, students are spending minimum 6 months to get trained before getting job in to small or medium organization. This is costing around 50 to 60 thousands, towards hostel fee, training fee, travel etc. 5th Year is going charge around the same, which have to paid over 2 years, in every quarter. This is a pleasant journey with ample time in 2nd and 3rd years.


Our vision is to extend this program for graduates of all streams and help them to be in their dream job as soon as they complete graduation.