Job Readiness Index

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S.No. Category Description Weightage Target Actual JRI - This Pointers
1 Marks

Acdemic Marks is reflection of your commitment and hard work.

Q: % of marks (cumulative) till date?

10% 80 0% --
2 Certifications

Certifications accelerate your interview calls.

Q: No. of external  technical certifications you passed?

10% 2 0%
3 Non-functional

Awanress on significance of Non-functional areas gives the perspective of Product Developement.

 Q: No. of  Non-functional areas (like Security, Performance, etc.) you have hands-on?A

5% 2 0% --
4 Tools

Adoption of tools enablbes highger productivity and makes smart professional.

Q: No.of  tools (used in engineering products/deliverales), you are familiar with?

5% 4 0% --
5 Teaching

Teaching Hours are reflection of your  Conceptual Understanding and Subject Matter Expertise.

Q: No. of hours of  teaching classes you gave to your juniors or classmates?

5% 20 0% --
6 Guided Path

Being guided, helps in better RoI (Return on Investment) for your time and efforts.

Get your MONTHLY STATUS REPORT reviewed by your gugide for your SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) and SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats).

Q. No. of months, your guide reviewed your monthly report?

7.5% 24 0% --
7 Technology Hours

Awareness on advancements in technologies and solutions, keeps you ahead in the competition.

Q: No.of  hours spent on reading Technology Magazines  / Watching Technology Videos? (Weekly one hour -Target; 104 hours in 2nd and 3rd years).

5% 104 0% --
8 Mini Projects, POCs

Output of pojects is a measurement of your ability to apply knowledge in to a solution / product. Also, gives you undetanding of efficency and KPI (Key Performannce Indicators like CTQ - Cost, Time, Quality).

Q: Number of Mini Projects or POCs developed? (Minimum 500 Lines of Code for an IT project)

7.5% 4 0% --
9 Presentations - Tech

Measurement of you raising beyond academics - Student to Professional

Q. Number of presentations given in Tech Events?

5% 2 0% --
10 Internship

Your exposure to the environment of integrating the potential, delivering more with less, and ensuring customer success.

Q. No. of internships you did at industry?

7.5% 2 0% --
11 Analytical

Your ability to analyse customer requirements and problem solving.   

Q. Number of Analytical model papers you solved with score greater than 75%?

7.5% 10 0% --
12 Expressiveness / Communication

An ultimate diiferentiator for winning.

Q. Number of hours you practiced LRWS?  (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). (Technical Reports writing, etc.)

5% 40 0% --
13 Workshops, Seminars

Your exposure to world of engineering,  best practices,  and how great minds (and experience) think & apply.

Q. No. of workshops/seminars you attended?

2.5% 4 0% --
14 Extra Curricular Activities

Indiation of:  Your Empathy;  Gratitude to Sociey;  Aability to work in teams and lead team(s)

  1. Association or membership with Academic/professional orgs
  2. Campus Govt. (Program Managing, etc.)
  3. Volunteer & service activities
  4. Cross Culture/Heterogeneous
  5. Arts & Sports

Q. No. of categories from the above list, you worked with?

5% 5 0% --
15 Self & Mock Interviews

Avoid Transmision Loss.   No regrets for missing to explain known things in the interview. 

"Script Readiness:" You must be ready (and practice) at least 25 questions you expect in the interview and at least 10 sentences answer for each question. --

Q. No. of mock interviews you practiced which scored rating of 8/10 or above?

7.5% 10 0% --
16 Innovation

Reflection of: Your passion to explore; Your ability to ideation / solutioning.

Q. No. of Concept Notes you submitted or Proof Concepts you demonstrated from your own ideas?

5% 1 0% --