Low employability is loss to the country!  Who is Accountable?


"5th Year" is a creative solution designed by Industry Experts

 We understand root cause of low employability  

20+ years in
software and leadership roles

Interviewed hundreds of
engineering students at campus

Coached hundreds of
fresh graduates in MNCs

Designed End-to-End program
to match industry needs

EEPPA - Employability Enhancement Program in Parallel with Academics

2nd and 3rd Years

Early start and practice is critical for employability. Make use of ample time and potential in 2nd and 3rd years.

6 modules in 8 quaters at your Campus

Technical (Basic & Advanced), Analytical, Human Excellence, Mini project, Certifications & Interview success

Job Readiness Index (JRI)

Simple and two minutes for students to self assess Job Readiness

Rock your first interview

All to set to win your dream jobs in 4th year itself

Less expensive

Pay less in 2nd & 3rd years, Compared to what you may have to pay after 4th year to get a job

  Objectives & Positive Impacts   


Empower students to win their dream jobs in the campus and perform well in the industry for faster growth.


Support colleges to enhance course content matching to industry needs. Help to achieve efficiency in academic process. Finally brand image of college.


Help industry to improve customer satisfaction and operating margins by providing college pass-outs with higher employability


Be the catalyst to improve National Competency Index (NCI) and accelerate transformation of our nation.