Best Practices
Dear Engineering Student,
You should be in a position to project your SME (Subject Matter Expertise) with appropriate levels..
5th Year suggests following model to assess/project your SME, for any given technical/non-technical topics.
  1. Academic exposure only (Listened but no hands on)
  2. Small academic assignments done
  3. Complex assignments done
  4. Can teach particular technical topic (Really 4 if you have uploaded a Youtube video)
  5. Demoable PoCs done or Experience in sizable real time project

Dear Engineering Student,

Learning helps you to grow. Sharing fastens your growth.

Number of topics you can speak on is a direct indication of your SME (Subject Matter Expertise).

Make your learning integrated to be able to speak end to end.

You can derive the following list for you and make a mention in your resume, to be ahead of others.

S.No. Category Topic Agenda Duration(Hours)>